princes of gwynedd


In this section you will find some interesting facts about the location and era featured in the Sharon Kay Penman 'Welsh Trilogy'.

Life in a Welsh Court

Who were members of a Welsh Court and what did they do?
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The evolution of Welsh surnames.
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Inheritance in Wales

How the Welsh inheritance system worked.
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Law and Order

About paying a blood fine for murder and women’s rights.
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Magna Carta

The Magna Carta and Wales.
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Castle Decoration

What colour should a castle be painted ...
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Weaponry of the time.
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Yew Trees in Church Yards

Why are yew trees always found in church yards?
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The Princes of Gwynedd and the Church by A. D. Carr

The relationship of church and state in pre-Norman Wales.
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A glossary of some terms found in the books.
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Bibliography and for further research.
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Useful Links

Some website links that may be of interest.
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