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Dafydd ap Llewelyn

Criccieth Castle

Criccieth Castle

Also known as: Prince of Wales.

  • Born circa 1208 – Died 1246
  • Married: Isabella de Braose
  • Children: None known.

Dafydd was the only legitimate son of Llewelyn Fawr and his wife Joanna.

Dafydd was declared by his father as his sole heir and in 1238 the lesser princes of Wales pledged allegiance to Dafydd but his brother Gruffydd refused to. In 1240 Dafydd imprisoned Gruffydd in Criccieth Castle together with Gruffydd's son Owain. In 1241 Henry III of England invaded Wales; Dafydd was outnumbered and out-resourced due to a severe drought and Dafydd was forced to submit to the English King. As part of the settlement, Dafydd was forced to hand over Gruffydd and Owain to Henry III, and Gruffydd was held captive as a political pawn – if he was released he would immediately challenge Dafydd for rule of Wales again.

In 1244 Gruffydd died during an escape attempt and Dafydd started to regain provinces previously lost. However, in 1246 Dafydd died at his home in Aber leaving his nephew Llewelyn to carry on. He was buried at Aberconwy Abbey.

List of all Characters

Llewelyn ap Iorwerth

Fought to unite Wales and became known as Llewelyn the Great.
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Wife of Llewelyn ap Iorwerth and mediator between the Welsh and her father, the English King.
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Dafydd ap Llewelyn

The first person to claim the title ‘Prince of Wales’. (You are on this page).

Gruffydd ap Llewelyn

The overlooked eldest son whose resentment led to tragic results.
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Llewelyn ap Gruffydd

The first Prince of Wales recognised as such by the English and known to the Welsh as ‘Our Last Leader’.
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The Successors

What happened to the successors to the title of Prince of Gwynedd and Prince of Wales?
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